On the surface, it's a surprise that some of the most conservative religious groups in the country are also pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. The groups are often aligned with the right on various social issues. But on immigration, they are defying expectations embracing the type of reform being promoted by President Obama.

But this really isn't a big surprise. First, the concept of "welcoming the stranger" is a basic tenet of judao-christian religious tenets so a strong case can be made that immigration reform is part and parcel of this belief. These groups are all reaching out to Latinos as well and are literally "welcoming the stranger" in terms of courting these new residents.

What will also be interesting is whether Republicans are willing to publicly argue with their clergy on this issue. Pro-choice Catholic Democrats know first hand how uncomfortable this can be. On the other hand, Republicans who have secretly been in favor of reform (and trust me, I've met many of them), may find that the vocal support of conservative religious leaders will make it a lot easier for them to come out in favor of a bill.

NBC's Victoria Sota reports on this subject.