The Immigration Reform Caucus in Congress was founded in 1999 by anti-immigrant then Congressman Tom Tancredo and has been the forum of choice for restrictionists in Congress. It grew over the years to 92 members five years ago. But now the group is down to just 58 and some of the members have been moving to the center on immigration (including, for example, Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte). Clearly, we're in a new day.

The group claimed to have 93 members at the beginning of 2012. I haven't been able to verify that list, but I did find a link to its 2007 membership of 92 members, so that seems plausible. But today the group is down to oe-named-chairman-of-immigration-reform-caucus-holds-kickoff-meeting-&catid=104ress-releases" target="_self">just 58. 79 of the 93 returned to Congress this year and presumably they weren't all replaced by pro-immigration advocates.

There are other signs that the group is largely defunct. It's Facebook page hasn't been updated in two years. It's current chair Ted Poe mentions on his web page that he's the new chair, but there is no link to anything about the group anymore as there was with past chairs. And even the reference to its 58 current members lacks a link so there is no way to actually see who they are.

I was able to find the IRC web site after some hunting around. The site is barely active. Much of it is composed of dead or empty links and the membership roster is no longer found on the site. There are a handful of press releases that were posted up until a couple of weeks ago so someone seems to be putting a little time in to it. But the state of the site seems to indicate what has happened to the anti-immigration caucus in Congress.