Looks like the Florida Senator really does want to be the next President. He'll be on seven - SEVEN! - Sunday morning news shows talking up the immigration bill that will be unveiled next Tuesday. According to the Washington Post:

Look for Marco Rubio to throw his full support -- and star power --
behind the bipartisan immigration compromise bill that could be
announced in the next several days. The question is, will his support
for the far-reaching overhaul of the nation's immigration system
alienate the conservative wing of the party and damage Rubio's chances
at higher office, or will it help cement his position as a leading
Republican candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination?

According to Politico, the Republican Florida senator is planning to
promote the bill on political talk shows starting this weekend, and will
reach out to conservative radio hosts and lobby for the plan on
Spanish-language news outlets.

One Senate Democratic aide told Politico Thursday: "In poker terms, he has gone all in."