Latino Decisions and America's Voice have a new polling that should help make the argument that the millions of people who would be helped by a legalization program are likely to quickly integrate in to American culture once they have the chance.

From America's Voice:

Today, Latino Decisions released an initial installment
of this poll
, showing the undocumented community's deep ties to American
citizens, their reasons for migrating to the United States and their strong
desire to become full-fledged American citizens.  As Latino Decisions lays
out in a blog
about the poll, "85% of undocumented immigrants have a family member
who is a US citizen" and "77% came to the United States for better economic
opportunity or to create a better life for their family."  Additionally,
"When asked what they would do if the law changed to allow a process for them
to eventually apply for citizenship, an overwhelming 87% indicated their
intention to become a U.S. citizen."


The antis for years have tried to paint those here without status as invaders who don't embrace our values. But that is really not the case at all.