Darryl Issa (R-CA)has generally not been a major player on immigration. The House Oversight Committee Chairman has been tasked with crafting a skilled immigration bill that will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee. The news is generally considered good for those in favor of skilled worker immigration.  From The Hill:

Issa's involvement is welcome news to the tech industry, which has
viewed him as an ally since he helped lead the successful fight in
Congress against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). In effect, they get
to work with one of their closest GOP allies on the immigration issue
that they care about the most.

"From a tech industry perspective, we have a very strong relationship
with Congressman Issa. We've worked on a lot of issues with him over the
years, including intellectual property issues," said Peter Muller,
director of government relations at Intel. "There's a good strong
relationship and we think he'd be a good person to work with on

Tech representatives also say Issa understands
their perspective on the issue, citing his past work on similar
legislation in the Judiciary Committee and background as an
entrepreneur. Before his days in Congress, Issa founded a company that
makes anti-theft devices for cars.

Tech insiders acknowledge that the House bill presents them with the
opportunity to push for provisions -- particularly on the H-1B program --
that they might not be able to secure in the Senate version.