Poison pill amendments on the enforcement triggers introduced by Senators Thune and Vitter were soundly defeated. But less controversial amendments introduced by Senators Landrieu (D-LA) and Tester (D-MT) passed easily.

The Landrie 1222 amendment does the following:

Adds a new Section 2554 to the end of Title II of the bill.

Section 104 of the original Child Citizenship Act of 2000 applied that bill's language conferring citizenship to certain children born abroad to US citizen parents. The original bill only applied the law to people who qualified at the time the law was changed. The new language would make the bill apply to people who meet the requirements regardless of when they qualify for the new benefit.

The requirement that both members of an adopting couple do a pre-adoption visit to the child abroad is also modified. Under the amendment, only one child would have to visit.

The requirement that for a child to get automatic citizenship, the child has to be present in the US pursuant to a lawful admission is modified to simply say that the child must be in the legal and physical custody of the citizen parent without reference to the mode of entry.

Senator Tester's amendment would add tribal representatives to the DHS Border Oversight Taskforce.