Unfortunately, due to the more or less casual nature of everyday conversations concerning the EB-5 investment visa program, some people think that the burden of job creation falls upon the foreign investor. As a rule, we tend to say something like, “a minimum of 10 jobs must be created per investor.” That statement, although not entirely erroneous, is misleading.

The entity that is responsible for the creation of 10 jobs per investor is the NCE, or New Commercial Enterprise. It is the organizational entity that is managing the project. The NCE is the entity to which the EB-5 funds are ultimately loaned. It is the NCE’s responsibility to plan the project and bring it to completion in conformance with the USCIS requirements so that the project is eligible for EB-5 funding, positioned to return the investors’ money, create the appropriate number of jobs and to secure the investors’ permanent residency status.

The burden is not on the individual investors. Because those investors do not have control over their money during the project, and because meeting the USCIS job creation requirement falls upon the NCE, each EB-5 investment is, as the program requires, truly “at risk.”

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