The answer to the title question is that it is both – and they are completely separate issues. Critics of EB-5 call it a visa-for-pay scheme. This is patently untrue. No one is selling EB-5 visas and no one is buying them.

EB-5 brings the two worlds of investment and immigration together to benefit the U.S. economy through investment and to benefit foreigners seeking immigration to the U.S. who have the wherewithal to invest in projects that create jobs and stimulate our economy.

Would you hire an immigration attorney as an investment advisor? Of course not. Or, would you hire an investment advisor as an immigration attorney? The answer is the same. You wouldn’t do it. But, if you were a foreigner wanting to immigrate to the U.S., and if you had the financial means to invest half-a-million dollars, and if you were smart, you would hire both an investment advisor and an immigration attorney.
EB-5 Immigration is not dependent on the investment. It is, however dependent upon successfully meeting the requirements for the fruit of the investment established by the USCIS.

EB-5 visas are not for sale. They are allotted to qualified foreign nationals who are willing and able to invest in qualified U.S. projects. Only when it is evident that the investment and the project meet all requirements is the door to permanent resident status opened.

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