It may be as dangerous to attempt to completely understand the EB-5 process without an immigration attorney as it is to fly across the Grand Canyon a la Evel Knievel. Here are a couple of examples why:
  1. When investors funds are pooled, an I-829 Petition must show the exact path of each investor’s funds as they are deposited and subsequently distributed from the New Commercial Entity to the Job Creation Entity and, ultimately for the appropriate intended purposes. You’ll probably need a good accountant as well.
  2. USCIS rules state that EB-5 investor funds may not be held in reserve. On the other hand, it has also indicated the some escrow holdbacks might be permissible. A question naturally arises regarding how any monies held in reserve or in escrow can be considered at risk. Interpretation of issues like this may also require the wisdom of Solomon.

No one ever said that EB-5 was simple. It is, in fact, not only complex, but fluid. And it requires a team of experienced experts.
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