Seven Ways to Expedite EB-5 Investor Immigration

The USCIS has designated seven valid conditions upon which they will consider expediting an EB-5 visa request. Those reasons include:

  • A provable emergent situation
  • A severe potential or real financial loss to a company or an individual
  • A humanitarian situation
  • A project being developed by a non-profit organization that will further the cultural and social interests of the United States
  • A project that is compellingly in the interest of the USCIS
  • A situation that, if delayed, would be detrimental to the interest of the Department of Defense
  • A USCIS error

Discounting the last item, which is not predictable, any Regional Center wishing to offer expedited EB-5 processing should look for projects and investors that fit one or more of the listed scenarios. Advance preparation and due diligence that take these situations into consideration up front can give a Regional Center a competitive advantage in processing time.

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