IIUSA Adopts New Standards for EB-5 Regional Centers

The Association to Invest in the USA, better known as IIUSA, recently adopted a new “Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct” for its member affiliates. IIUSA is the trade association for EB-5 Regional Centers. As such, it promotes “responsible, professional and ethical behavior and reinforce[s] confidence in the EB-5 Program and EB-5 Regional Center industry among all stakeholders.”

Along with the four-page ethics and standards document, the association also approved a six-page document that outlines the enforcement procedures it will follow to ensure compliance. Peter Joseph, Director of IIUSA, described the purpose of the documents, saying, “Proper oversight, transparency, compliance with – and enforcement of – all applicable laws and regulations are essential to maintain the confidence of all stakeholders and ensure that the program continues bring capital and job creation to American communities.”

The Code of Ethics outlines the expectations that Regional Centers shall act with and promote competence, diligence, respect and the kind of integrity that places the interests of their clients above their own. The main document also includes “Standards of Professional Conduct” that cover topics such as compliance, objectivity, prudence, diligence, thoroughness, and professionalism.

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