EB-5 Funding Ideal for U.S. Developers

The common ingredient in every major development project is the need for funding. With an economy that is still reluctant to invest, the EB-5 program is the ideal way to fill the funding gap with high net worth, foreign business people desiring to immigrate to the U.S. by investing in multimillion dollar projects.

Through the EB-5 program, individual investments of $1 million ($500,000 in certain circumstances) can be pooled to achieve the funding needed. Developers of projects that are, or businesses that will be, labor-intensive should give the EB-5 program a good look, because EB-5 investors must put their money into projects that create a minimum of 10 jobs per investor. Hotels, resorts, hospitals, assisted living facilities, industrial complexes, and casinos are ideal for obtaining EB-5 investment funding – for both the developer and the investor.

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