In a letter from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid
Services (CMS) under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) dated
August 28, 2012, it is stated that those who are granted DACA will still not be
eligible to receive the benefits of Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance
Program (CHIP). The CMS claims that this ineligibility is a result of the
reasons DHS have offered for implementing DACA as they do not pertain to
eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP. While DACA provides temporary relief from
removal and a two-year work authorization, these remain the only two benefits
that DACA-eligible individuals will receive, as made clear by CMS. Public
benefits, then, such as health insurance. The debate regarding health insurance
has been rampant in the past few years; where do you stand in this debate in
regard to immigration and DACA? Do you think those individuals who are granted
DACA should have the security of knowing that, in case of a medical emergency,
there will be affordable medical assistance offered to them? Share your
thoughts here!


To read the letter addressed to State Health Officials and
the Medicaid Directors, please follow this link:


To read the amended interim final rule, please follow this