Of the 1.7 million individuals that were projected to be
eligible for DACA, the number of people who have actually submitted
applications is appalling. Only 40,000 applications have been submitted, far
lower than the number of applications one might imagine. One of the biggest
reasons those undocumented immigrants who are DACA-eligible but are abstaining
for applying for the said program is the uncertainty revolving around the
presidential election. If President Obama is not elected and the Romney
administration enters the White House, there is no guarantee that DACA will
continue on as proposed. The second biggest reason that so few applications
have been submitted is the paramount concern about the information asked to be
disclosed on the application.


The benefit of living without fear of deportation for two
years and being granted work authorization for that period, though, should be
gravely taken under consideration. Do you think that those individuals who are
DACA-eligible but have not submitted an application have valid concerns? Should
they take advantage of this opportunity, temporary and limited though it may
be, despite not knowing our political future? What do these individuals have to
lose and what do they have to gain? Share your thoughts here!