Here is a compilation on the latest comments made on our post "Youth Migrant Farmworkers Ineligible for DACA":

Don't know if I am missing something, but my understanding is that the Administration said "at the time of application" they had to be enrolled. In other words, if they signed up for September GED classes, they could apply no matter how long it takes...I am probably missing something, but wanted to offer this commentary

- grace

I agree with the above comment. They should be eligible to apply if they enroll in a state or federally funded adult school GED program prior to applying and document proof of enrollment with the application.

Grady Gauthier 

Here is a compilation on the latest comments made on our post "Organization Charging DACA Applicants":

Not-for-profit organizations need to spend its resources sparingly. The $150,000 received by Make the Road may have been earmarked for another purpose or program - this short report doesn't give us the fact. It is insulting to the immigrant community to presume that they need financial assistance and free services. Many are successful despite their status or lack thereof. Each person should be screened on his or her own merits to determine whether aid/free services are warranted. Those who can afford to pay, should, so that the services are better distributed to those who cannot afford to pay.

- Debra Dowd


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