At our law firm, we believe the best decision makers are people who are properly informed about immigration laws and policies. For this reason, we have created “how-to” videos to educate individuals about our changing immigration system. If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please schedule a legal consultation at https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=20778848

US Citizenship Videos

US Citizenship through Naturalization (Part One)

US Citizenship through Naturalization (Part Two)

US Citizenship through Parents & Grandparents

How to Get a Green Card

Green Card through Marriage

Green Cards for Family Members

Employment-Based Videos

How to Get a Green Card through Employment

Understanding the Visa Bulletin: Employment-Based Categories

EB5 General Overview

EB-5 Investor Visas

Direct EB-5s

H-1B Visa Guide: What You Need to Know

H-4 Spouses: Apply for EADs

L-1A Visas for Executives and Managers

L-1B Visas for Persons with Specialized Knowledge

O Visas for Persons of Extraordinary Ability

P Visas for Entertainers, Athletes and Artists

Adjustment of Status Videos

Adjustment of Status

Benefits of Section 245(i) Adjustment of Status

Immigration Help for Registered Nurses

US Immigration for Registered Nurses

Immigration for Nurses: Consulate Green Card Process

Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) Videos

CSPA Case Heads to the Supreme Court

Child Status Protection Act

How the Child Status Protection Act Can Help You (Part 2)

Immigration Assistance for Physicians & Medical Graduates

Physician Immigration: A Step-by-Step Guide

National Interest Waivers for Physicians

Physician: Non-EB Immigration

Physicians: Federal IGA Waivers

J Status for IMGs: The Consequences

J Waivers for IMGs – Part 1

J Waivers for IMGs – Part 2

Conrad 30 Waivers for Physicians

Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver Videos

Unlawful Presence Bars and Waivers

I-601A Provisional Waivers

I-601A Provisional Waivers: Expanded Coverage

Surviving an I-9 Audit - Employers

How to Survive an I-9 Audit (Part 1)

Best Strategies for Winning Your Immigration Court Case

How to Win Your Case in Immigration Court

Winning Your Case in Immigration Court

Canadian Orphan Gains Permission to Join Family in the U.S

Honor Student Beats Deportation

How to Win Your Asylum Case

Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents

Stop Your Deportation Under Pereira V. Sessions

How to Stop Deportation Under Pereira v. Sessions

Stop Deportations Under Pereira v. Sessions

Family-Based Immigration

Family Preference Categories: An Introduction

Family-Based Immigration: Speeding Up Your Case

Understanding the Visa Bulletin: Family-Based Categories

The Law Offices of Carl Shusterman on News Outlets

CNN Interviews Attorney Angeline Chen about Situation at the Mexican Border

Attorney Shusterman on CBS News: Melania Trump & Chain Migration?

Discussion on Trump's Immigration Ban on ABC 7

Other Immigration Assistance Videos

How to Select an Immigration Lawyer

How to Get a Copy of your Immigration File

Preparing for Your USCIS Interview

What to Do After TPS Ends Paths to Stay Here Legally

DACA: How to Qualify

I-751 Waivers: The Essential Guide

Federal Interested Government Agency (IGA) Waivers

Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009

Senate Testimony

Recursos y Ayuda Migratoria (Videos en Español)

Residencia permanente por matrimonio

Cómo obtener una tarjeta verde a través del matrimonio

Cómo ganar en la corte de inmigración

Cómo ganar su caso de asilo

Cancelación de deportación para residentes no permanentes

Estudiante con honores le gana a la deportación

Cómo convertirse en ciudadano estadounidense (Parte 1)

Cómo convertirse en ciudadano estadounidense (Parte 2)

Ciudadanía estadounidense a través de padres y abuelos

Exenciones provisionales I-601A

Reforma migratoria: lo que debe saber

Cómo elegir un abogado de inmigración

Abogado Shusterman ante el senado de EE. UU.

Green Card through Marriage (Videos in Mandarin & Korean)

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