By: Chris Musillo

The Department of State has just issued the January 2020 Visa Bulletin. This is the fourth Visa Bulletin of Fiscal Year 2021. This blog post analyzes this month's Visa Bulletin.

Visa Bulletin

Table A: Final Action Dates -- Applications with these dates may be approved for their Green Card (Permanent Residency card) or Immigrant Visa appointment.

1st C 01SEP19 01SEP19 C
2nd C 01JUN16 01OCT09 C
3rd C 05DEC17 15MAR10 C

Table B: Dates of Filing

The USCIS will be using the Table A: Final Action Dates chart for I-485 filings. A beneficiary must be current on the above Table A chart in order to file their I-485, Adjustment of Status applications.

MU Law Analysis

Both the Philippines and Worldwide (All Other) EB-3 continue to be current. We expect these categories to stay current for the foreseeable future. The only constraint to the Philippine EB-3 visas being issued is the capacity at the Embassy in Manila. It remains to be seen how increasing COVID infection rates bear on embassies capacities.

India had another month defined by variance. India EB-1 moved ahead five more months, after six months in December. Unfortunately, India EB-2 and EB-3 each moved ahead by only one week. These slow progressions, along with the large number of India EB-2 and EB-3 filings in October, November, and December, probably means that no further material progress will happen in India EB-3 for a long time.

China EB-2 and EB-3 again both moved forward by a few weeks, a trend that may continue. China EB-1 showed more progress than expected, perhaps because of declining rates of visa issuance out of the American posts in China.

MU expects that future Visa Bulletins will continue to have positive news, including slow but continued forward progression in the Chinese and Indian categories. We also expect the Philippine and Worldwide categories will remain current for the foreseeable future.