by Chris Musillo

The Department of State has just released the April 2015 Visa Bulletin. This is the seventh Visa Bulletin of the 2015 US Fiscal Year, which began October 1, 2014. There is once again very positive news for many immigrant visa categories.

The biggest news is the continued progression of the Philippines EB-3, the Worldwide-All Other (ROW) EB-3 date and the Mexican EB-3 date. These are all now at October 2014, which is the closest to current they have been in many years. This is yet another large progression in dates.

India EB-2 climbed forward steadily as well. It has moved to September 2007, representing a 2 and a half year increase in the last three months.

Chinese numbers righted themselves. For two years the Chinese EB-3 has been more favorable than Chinese EB-2. With this Visa Bulletin, Chinese EB-2 is now the better date.

Employment- Based All Other CHINA - mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIPPINES
1st C C C C C
2nd C 01APR11 01SEP07 C C
3rd 01OCT14 01JAN11 08JAN04 01OCT14 01OCT14
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