by Chris Musillo

President Obama showed no indication that he would back down from a pledge to take Executive Action on immigration despite the Republican party’s big wins in Tuesday’s elections. He promised that he would take whatever lawful action he could if the Congress does not pass meaningful immigration legislation during the November-December lame duck period.

However, he gave no details about whether the Executive Action would be limited to legalization of the undocumented or a broader action that might liberalize employment-based visa classes such as H-1Bs and employment-based green cards. A list of Executive Action options includes both options.

Meanwhile the Tea Party republicans threatened to take legal action if the President does anything on immigration. Republicans attempts at filing a law suit against President Obama seems to be riddled with problems. Politico has reported that two different law firms have started and then declined to work on the Republican’s law suit in the last two months.

The longer that the President dawdles on the Executive Action pledge, the more he feeds the meme that his Presidency is one of all talk and no action.

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