by Chris Musillo

The Department of State has just released the July 2010 Visa Bulletin

The relevant dates are:
EB-1 - all current
EB-2 - all current, except China (22 NOV 05) and India (01 OCT 05)
EB-3 - all 15 AUG 03, except India (22 NOV 01) and Mexico (U)

There was excellent progress in India EB2, which jumped 8 months from 01 FEB 05. There was also a one month progression in India EB3 and a 6 week progression in all EB3 (including Philippines).

The Visa Bulletin also included a prediction section based off of expected demand:


Based on current indications of demand, the best case scenarios for cut-off dates which will be reached by the end of FY-2010 are as follows:

EB-1: Current
EB-2: all current, China and India: March or April 2006
EB-3: Worldwide: June through September 2004, China: October through December 2003, India: February 2002, Mexico: Unavailable, Philippines: June through September 2004.

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