by Chris Musillo

The Department of State has just released the August 2010 Visa Bulletin. There has been a significant promotion of priority dates.

The relevant dates are:

EB-1 - all current
EB-2 - all current, except China (01 MAR 06) and India (01 MAR 06)

EB-3 - all 01 JUN 04, except China (22 SEP 03), India (01 JAN 02), and Mexico (U)

Notes on specific countries:

China: China EB2 improved almost four months since the July Visa Bulletin. China EB3 unfortunately is now separate from the EB3 All Chargeability.

India: India has made significant progressions in the last two months. There was excellent progress in India EB2, which has now jumped 13 months since the May 2010 Visa Bulletin from 01 FEB 05. India EB3 is now in 2002 for the first time.

Philippines: The Philippines' Priority Dates remain with the All Chargeability countries, which is a good sign. The EB3 has leapt ahead in recent months.

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