Physical Therapists educated in the Philippines, India, Egypt and Pakistan are now eligible to register for the NPTE-i. The NPTE-i is the FSBPT's licensing exam will be given on May 25, 2011. FSBPT claims that the segregated exam is necessary because of pervasive, ongoing security breaches by graduates of physical therapy schools from these countries, although their evidence for this claim is unavailable to the public.

Several plaintiffs sued the Georgia Board of Physical Therapy earlier this week. The lawsuit alleges that the FSBPT's examination policy is discriminatory and violates both federal and state law, and that this discrimination is intentional.

The lawsuit also names the FSBPT as a Defendant. Success in that lawsuit likely will compel the FSBPT to revoke their policy, although it may take many months before any resolution is reached. If you are interested in participating in the lawsuit, you are encouraged to contact the AAIHR, which is working with the lawsuit's Plaintiffs.


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