by Chris Musillo

"Dare to be great nurses... Dare to build a better Philippines and a betterAmerica." This was US Envoy to the Philippines Henry Thomas' challenge to the graduating class of Angeles University Foundation's College of Nursing on Saturday.

While his challenge was clear, his views on the likelihood of the retrogression were less so. "All I can say is, clearly, there's a demand in the US but also, as President Obama has said, we have nursing graduates in the US who also have to finish their examinations and obtain jobs."

This wishy-washy statement perfectly captured President Obama's inconsistency and lack of focus on the necessity of alleviating the retrogression. On one hand, the President has said many of the right things on making an immigration system that is fair to all - American patients, American healthcare staff, and foreign-trained healthcare staff. On the other hand, his lack of action and lack of leadership has frustrated all stakeholders.

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