by Chris Musillo

The USCIS Ombudsman is tasked with monitoring USCIS practices and recommending improvements to USCIS practices. Annually the USCIS Ombudsman produces a report. In early 2009, the Ombudsman made specific recommendations to the USCIS in order to enhance the processing of Schedule A green card applications. Schedule A, which provides an expedited green card application process, is limited to registered nurses and physical therapists.

The Ombudsman's latest report has just been released. The Report contains many suggestions for improvement of USCIS processes and procedures.While MU has not fully read and considered all of the Ombudsman's recommendations, one item did catch our eye.

In addition to other outreach initiatives, the Ombudsman's Office will host its first annual conference on October 20, 2011. This conference is expected to provide an opportunity for government and private sector leaders to come together to discuss immigration issues that impact individuals and employers. MU commends Director Mayorkas, Ombudsman January Contreras, and their team for their continued dedication to outreach with US employers and other immigrant stakeholders.

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