The Department of State has just released the August 2012 Visa Bulletin.


This Visa Bulletin contains no surprises. EB-2 China and India remain Unavailable and will remain Unavailable until the October 2012 Visa Bulletin, which is the first one of US Fiscal Year 2013. The conventional wisdom is that the EB-2 China and India dates will leap ahead, although how far ahead remains to be seen.

The EB-3 categories had their usual slow but steady progress in the August Bulletin, a pace that is expected to remain for the foreseeable future. 


August 2012 Visa Bulletin
  All Other Countries China India Philippines
EB-2 01JAN09 U U 01JAN09
EB-3 08SEPT06 08NOV05 01OCT02 15JUN06


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