BY: Bruce Buchanan, Sebelist Buchanan Law

The owner of a wholesale bakery, Saint Agnes Bakery Co., in St. Paul, Minnesota that abruptly closed in late-January 2018 as a result of an I-9 audit conducted by Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) is speaking out about the closure.

The 30-year-old wholesale bakery, which supplied many area grocery stores as well as restaurants, was part of a December 2017 ICE audit. As is customary in an ICE audit, Saint Agnes Bakery received a Notice of Inspection/subpoena requesting the I-9 forms of current employees and terminated employees for the past three years. After the bakery complied, it received a Notice of Suspect Documents, which stated 23 of its employees, about one-half of its workforce, had failed to present proper authorization for employment. The workers were given an opportunity to present other documentation verifying their work authorization. As in most cases, the workers could not provide proper work authorization. Thus, the bakery was forced to discharge them or face penalties of over $4,400 per employee.

Saint Agnes Bakery, who had contracts to deliver massive amounts of bread and buns for the Super Bowl, could not find new employees, who had the skill to operate the machinery, work the dough and show up for the demanding early morning hours of a commercial bakery. Within days the company alerted its commercial customers, including many restaurants, that they would close.

CEO Dan “Klecko” McGleno told The Eater - “The truth is that first world nations are using illegal work forces to bolster their economy. It’s going on all over the world and the sad thing about this is that the illegals bust their *** to bring your life value and luxury. Plain and simple. Most buildings in your neighborhood are filled with cleaners, cooks and general laborers. These people provide these benefits to you while living in abject fear.”

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