Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has provided a rare opportunity to see the number of Notices of Inspection (NOIs) in a particular state and the amount of penalties for various companies. Several years ago, ICE stopped producing national reports on the names of companies fined and the fine amounts.

According to a new report from the Boston field office, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) fined 14 Massachusetts employers over $175,000 in FY 2013 for I-9 violations discovered during employer inspections. The largest fine was $38,491 while the smallest was $1,716. The chart below breaks down the fines by company, industry, city and amount:

Company Name
Lighthouse Masonry Construction New Bedford $22,500
Pureview LLC Service Chelsea $30,000
GM Employment Services, LLC Service Brockton $6,350
Calamari's III d/b/a Cal's Wood-Fired Grill & Bar Retail Trade West Springfield $24,000
Today's Temps, Inc. Service Lawrence $1,716
Precision Cleaning Co. Service East Boston $8,360
Demoulas Super Markets Retail Trade Ashland $38,491
Cruz Environmental Services Construction Lawrence $7,480
Green Stamp Corp. Construction Waltham $2,415
Top Shelf Retail Trade Boston $2,566
Joymark, Inc. Service Boston $10,000
Corolla Roofing Construction Winthrop $7,500
Mota Construction Corp Construction Hopedale $6,591
Framing Specialist Group Construction Hopedale $7,152
Of the 14 companies fined, six were in the construction industry, five in the service industry, and three in the retail trade industry. The construction and service industries usually have the highest rate of NOIs.

The number of ICE inspections in Massachusetts has more than tripled since 2009 – from just 17 to a FY 2013 total of 56:

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Interestingly, and despite the increased number of employer inspections by ICE, the fine amounts ordered against Massachusetts employers decreased nearly 50% between 2012 and 2013:

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Based on these statistics, employers would still be wise to take I-9 compliance seriously by having an internal audit of their I-9 forms conducted/supervised by an immigration compliance attorney and having an I-9 Compliance Policy in place so that all relevant personnel are aware of their duties and responsibilities.

Click here for a copy of the ICE HSI Boston press release.