USCIS has just announced if an employee voluntarily provides his or her email address on the I-9 Form, E-Verify will notify the employee of a Tentative Non-confirmation (TNC) at the same time it notifies the employer. Currently, if there is a record mismatch that needs to be resolved before the employee can be confirmed as work authorized, a TNC is issued to the employer, who must then contact the affected employee.  

This enhancement to E-Verify is made possible by a recent revision recent to I-9 Form, which now allows employees to voluntarily provide their email address. Employers are still required to notify all employees when there is a mismatch of information and a TNC is received. 

In addition to providing the initial notice of a TNC, E-Verify will send reminder emails to employees if no action to resolve the TNC has occurred within four days of a decision to contest and to notify them about the possible need to update a Social Security or Department of Homeland Security record.