Comment: China EB5 Market Volume and Velocity

Investment Voice Travels!
Update On The Chinese Market

The Chinese market has been a huge factor in the success of the US EB-5 program. The flow of investors from China completely slowed down following the backlogs (from 2018) and COVID. As this lucrative market cautiously re-opens, EB-5 Investment Voice discovers what is happening as we converse with Immigration Law Worldwide’s ("ILW") Sam Udani as he continues his travels through Southeast Asia.

This episode has been entirely devoted to China. Sam has much to say about the current EB-5 market in China, and how its “volume and velocity” sets it apart from the rest of the world. For a long time, China had cornered about 80% of the EB-5 market, and while that saturation might be over, they are still a dominant force, and will continue to cast a long shadow over the industry. That said, just what are the trends Sam discovered during his trip? 

Last time, Mona and Sam began a discussion about one of the major aspects of immigration from Southeast Asia: migration agents. Listeners will hear about how migration agents function differently in China, and whether something has shifted between the older, seasoned agents and the new set, and just how much activity these agents are overseeing. 

And of course, we couldn’t explore changes in the market without mentioning the Reform and Integrity Act ("RIA"), which in many ways turned the entire EB-5 industry on its head. Sam and Mona discuss whether Chinese investors are quick to take advantage of concurrent filing, and touch on Congress’ intentions and their control over the program. 

As the market goes strong, the influx of new developers can lead to longer wait times. How will this affect the ability of Regional Centers to reach their raises? What kind of changes are we seeing in the amount of equity invested? What parts of the globe are garnering new, enthusiastic interest from investors? 

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Investment Voice Travels! Update On The Chinese Market

Sam Udani has been involved with the immigration community in the USA for most of his career spanning three decades, involving immigration politics and immigration policy and covering all manner of immigration into the USA. He has been a tireless advocate for enlightened immigration laws for the USA since ACWIA, AC21/ACTA and continuing from then on. Sam Udani currently serves as the Law Publisher and CEO of ILW.COM and Immigration Daily, a position he has held for over twenty years. As Publisher, he directs all activities of the website and newspaper with over 50,000+ pages of free information on immigration law that receives 250,000 visitors per month. Under Mr. Udani’s direction ILW has conducted 600+ CLE seminars, published over two dozen immigration law books and conducted hundreds of immigration events in over a dozen countries.

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