Comment: Lawsuit Challenges USCIS on EB5 RC Redesignation

We received a letter to editor we would like to bring to your attention:

Just wanted you all to know that we filed a case in the Northern District of California challenging the USCIS interpretation of the new EB-5 law that appears to require all currently designated Regional Centers to be "Re-designated" under a "new" program. As you know, this interpretation is devasting for the entire RC industry. Our plaintiff is Behring Capital, the same plaintiff in the successful challenge to the EB-5 regulations last year. Enclosed is a copy of the complaint. This might be worth covering. -- Laura Reiff, Esq.
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News: Lawsuit Filed Challenging USCIS Interpretation of Re-designation of EB5 Regional Centers (courtesy Laura Reiff, Esq)

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Focus: EB5 Reform Act Implementation Webinar

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