Comment: Anti Immigration Republicans Should Leave USA

Miami Herald reports that EB5 Investors Magazine has rescinded its invitation to Florida Governor DeSantis to be the keynote speaker at its Miami conference next month after Ira Kurzban, Mona Shah and others strongly objected. Miami Herald quoted Ira Kurzban: "I was seriously considering your kind invitation until I was informed that you have decided to ask Ron DeSantis to be the keynote speaker at the conference... Mr. DeSantis, also known as a mini-me for his Trump-like tactics, has engaged in the most virulent anti-immigrant conduct we have ever seen by a public official in this state."

Immigration Daily is strictly non-partisan and has long (and consistently) advocated bipartisan solutions to immigration. The Republican party has not historically been an anti-immigration party, even today many in the Republican party are pro0-immigration. Immigration Daily welcomes these Republican voices. These pro-immigration Republicans constitute at least 15% of Republicans. However, an equal number, another 15% of Republicans today, are anti-immigration- Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis count these folks as their base.

We want to be clear: anti-immigration is not only Un-American but is also Anti-American. There can be no compromise on this. America: Love it or Leave it applies to the lamentable 15% of Republicans who would rather have an immigrant-free America (an oxymoron if there ever was one) - in other words, if these wretched folks do not like an America brimming with immigrants, they are welcome to leave for other shores. Unfortunately, for some Republicans who work in the immigration field, political views and immigration sympathies may collide. Immigration Daily holds that there is no place for anti-immigration folks within the immigration field. We condemn EB5 Investors Magazine for inviting the anti-immigration Mr. DeSantis to be the keynote speaker at their conference. We commend Mr. Kurzban and other members of the immigration bar for their moral pro-immigration stand.

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