Comment: EB5 International Market 2021

We have all learnt the hard way during the pandemic that EB5 is a travel-related industry. As the travel industry plummeted in response to covid, so did the EB5 industry, whose wires depend on face to face meetings with investors and agents.

With massive vaccinations under way throughout the USA, with nearly 2.5 million vaccinations/day, we are bullish on the recovery of domestic travel within the US, and therefore expect the domestic EB5 market to recover fast, as in a couple of months at most from now. Face to face meetings with investors in the USA will facilitate EB5 wires.

The situation is different internationally. Several countries will not be as effective in countering covid as the US, and will likely take a lot longer--well into 2021 or later--to get back to business as usual. In addition, the constantly changing patchwork of local travel rules, quarantine rules and paperwork requirements during the rest of 2021 will continue to make international travel onerous. Without face to face meetings with investors and agents in foreign countries, wires will be slower to arrive. Those who seek international EB5 wires in 2021 would do well to remember the following points: