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Technology in Immigration has many facets. The first technology to transform immigration field was case management software--so many immigration attorneys equate technology with case management. This is entirely understandable--companies like INS Zoom, Tracker and Law Logix transformed the field driving down the cost of case processing and moving many of the functions of a paralegal to technology. However, technology has kept growing in scope and applications and is now much wider than just case management. These new technologies transforming immigration field are just as revolutionary as case management once was.

In most law firms, traditionally processing of cases is handled separately than marketing. Marketing is increasingly getting integrated into the practices deeply. Life cycle immigration needs of all past clients from even a decade ago is crucially important for additional business as well as increased referrals. Though the old client base is not an active part of case processing, it should be an integral part of messaging of the firm.

Just like word processors made everyone a typist, the new technology makes everyone a marketer. Those firms that are tech savvy will have a significant edge, and those firms that rely solely on word of mouth will see a steady bleed of their client base. What makes this particularly important is that digital marketing is "winner takes all" much more so than earlier forms of marketing like print.

Roman Zelichenko has organized a conference on digital marketing technology in immigration which includes many presenters who have successfully marketed using LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, YouTube and even TikTok. Speakers include: Jacob Sapochnick (700k+ followers), Kathia Quiros (400k+ followers), Ali Awad (400k+ followers) and many more

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Blast Off! is the immigration industry's first-ever conference focused specifically on digital marketing. Immigration firms are businesses too, yet there was no conference that helped immigration professionals grow in today's digital-first society. Until now. Blast Off! brings together the most successful social media-savvy immigration lawyers with digital marketing experts from outside the immigration industry to deliver information, fresh insights, actionable tips and inspiration. Plus, this virtual conference is like no other you've been to - instead of a static "e-conference" interface, you'll walk around a beautiful, custom-designed digital world, explore vendors, interact with booths, run into colleagues, and relive much of the magic of in-person conferences. Learn more about the conference here:gmirocketconference You can use promo code ILW15OFF to get a discount. ILW has obtained this discount for Immigration Daily readers, but ILW does not get a dime from the proceeds. Likewise, the comments above reflect the thoughts of Immigration Daily and should not be assigned to GMI Rocket.

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