Comment: Gender-based Claims, E-Verify

Today's Immigration Daily issue features several items of interest, including Articles, Bloggings and News about Protection for Gender-Based Claims, E-Verify updates and more. Please scroll down to find the item(s) below. Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at

Article: The Wrong Answer to the Right Question: How to Address the Failure of Protection for Gender-Based Claims? by Professor Karen Musalo

Blogging: E-Verify Updates the SSA TNC Process for a Citizenship Mismatch by Bruce Buchannan

Blogging: "Review and Reschedule" will not get rid of Trump's Public Charge and H-1B Racist Rules. Biden must Revoke and Rescind Part 3 By Roger Algase

News: USCIS Announces Update on USCIS Visitor Policy

Focus: 2021 International Advisors Seminar

Zoom Webinars: Thursdays March 25 & April 22 & May 13, 2021
2pm to 3:30pm (Eastern Time)

Speakers: Terrence L. Olsen ("Terry") (Discussion Leader), Peter Ganser, Mark Gunter, Dennis Miller, Eliza Plous and many more to be announced

Early Bird Price $149, Early Bird Deadline: 11:59PM (ET), March 11th

FIRST Zoom Session on March 25:

Reopening of U.S. Colleges/Universities for Fall 2021

  • Consulate re-openings-What to expect, and how to plan accordingly
  • Visa Issuances/Border Entries-air & land-Contact Consulate, Or Airport CBP, Or both?
  • National Interest Exception(s)-To be, or not to be?
  • Hybrid School Environments-Drafting plans, and revising them
  • Maintenance of Residence & Living Conditions for International Students who could not, or cannot return to their home country
  • What changes adopted during 2020 should be terminated, and what changes adopted during 2020 should be institutionalized
SECOND Zoom Session on April 22:

International Advisors Role Beyond the first 100 Days of Biden

  • PDSO/DSO & RO/ARO certification & training
  • Site visits & reports
  • USCIS & DOS forms
  • Harmless error
  • Planning for Uncertainty
THIRD Zoom Session on May 13:

Innovative Campus-based Virtual Learning Programs & Cultural Diversity

  • HBCUs
  • Virtual Exchange programs
  • Zoom Recruitment & Education
  • CPT without leaving your room
  • Building international internship partnerships

3 Webinars "2021 International Advisors Seminar"
March 25 & April 22 & May 13
Regular Price $249 Early Bird Price $149
Early Bird Deadline: 11:59PM (ET), March 11th
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Headline: Florida sues to stop Biden's immigration directives Click here
Headline: Biden administration won't defend Trump immigration rule Click here
Headline: U.S. Supreme Court dismisses Trump immigration rule dispute Click here
Headline: Opinion: Why we need immigration reform, and why Biden's policies are a good start Click here
Headline: Immigration arrests have fallen sharply under Biden, ICE data show Click here

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