Comment: ACA Suspension,H1B Cap

Today's Immigration Daily issue features several items of interest, including Articles, Bloggings and News about the end of "Safe Third Country" agreements by the Biden Administration,the opening of H1B cap initial registration and more. Please scroll down to find the item(s) below.

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Article: Biden Administration Ends 'Safe Third Country' Agreements by Aaron Reichlin-Melnick for Immigration Impact

Blogging: Human Rights Horror: ICE deports children and infants to Haiti against President Biden's express order by Roger Algase

Blogging: President Biden's Executive Orders on Immigration by Jason Dzubow

Blogging: Biden Deports More than 20 babies and children to Haiti by Matthew Kolken

News: FY 2022 H-1B Cap Initial Registration Period Opens on March 9

Focus: 2021 PERM Update

Zoom Webinars: February 12 & March 5, 2021
2pm to 3:30pm (Eastern Time)

Speakers: Joel Stewart (Discussion Leader),David J.Bier, Rami Fakhoury, Matthew Morse, Michael Piston, Lawrence Rudnick, Harry Sheinfeld, Jason Susser, Nathan Waxman and many more to be announced.

SECOND Zoom Session on February 12:

New PERM Form 9089

  • Population Merge from 9141 to 9089 by Lawrence Rudnick
  • Startups, Entrepreneurs, & Alien Influence by Jason Susser
  • High Tech Occupations by Matthew Morse
  • Alternative Requirements & Combinations of Duties by Nathan Waxman
  • Ethical Recruitment & Best Practice by David Bier
  • Focused Recruitment by Richard Alman
  • Documenting Education & Experience Backgrounds by David Ware
  • Special Q & A's: The Kellogg Language: To Put or Not to Put? by Harry Sheinfeld
  • Special Q & A's: Are Forms 9411 and 9089 an Abuse of Discretion? By Michael Piston

THIRD Zoom Session on March 5:

Audits, Reconsideration, and BALCA Review

  • Paperless PERM & Electronic Filings
  • Analysis & Preparation of Audits
  • Crafting Requests for Reconsideration
  • Important New BALCA Rulings

2 Webinar Combo "2021 PERM Update"

February 12 & March 5

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