Comment: 30 Ideas For President Biden

David J Bier of Cato Institute has compiled the most comprehensive set of initiatives that the Biden administration can unilaterally take to reverse actions of the Trump administration and to make major strides in fixing our broken employment immigration system without any legislative action needed. Many of the marquee thinkers in immigration law field have contributed to this list. See the categorized list of 30 initiatives below:

Green Cards
  1. Stop Counting Dependents against Immigrant Visa Limits - Ira Kurzban
  2. Recapture Unused Green Cards - Amy M. Nice
  3. Don't Limit Green Card Filings When the Cap Is Unfilled - Cyrus D. Mehta
  4. Parole for the Immigrant Visa Backlog - Cyrus D. Mehta
  5. Stop Aging Out of Older Children by Using the Filing Dat - Cyrus D. Mehta
  6. Parole the Children of H-1B Workers Who Age Out - William A. Stock
  7. Expand USCIS Interview Waivers - David Kubat
  8. Deem a Grant of Temporary Protected Status an Admission - Ally Bolour
  9. Eliminate Bars to Entrepreneurial Self-?Sponsorship - Angelo Paparelli
  10. Grant Special Handling for STEM Grad Labor Certifications - Amy M. Nice
  11. Expand Schedule A for STEM graduates - Amy M. Nice
  12. Update Schedule A with New Data - Lindsay Milliken

  13. Nonimmigrant Visas

  14. Recapture Unused H-1B Visas - Amy M. Nice
  15. Let the Family Members of All Guest Workers Work - David J. Bier
  16. Allow Visa Reissuance in the United States - Stephen Yale-?Loehr
  17. Grant Duration of Status to Nonimmigrant Derivatives - Adam Greenberg
  18. Let L-2 and E Spouses Work without an Employment Authorization Document - Angelo Paparelli
  19. Automatically Approve H-2 Unnamed Petitions - David J. Bier
  20. Certify H-2 Jobs for up to Three Years - David J. Bier
  21. Extend OPT for Health Science Professionals - Greg Siskind
  22. Extend OPT for Foreign Graduates Sponsored for Green Cards - David J. Bier
  23. Allow Q Visa Holders to Interact with the Public Virtually - Ally Bolour & Scott Emerick

  24. Refugees

  25. Index Refugee Caps to World Refugee Numbers - David J. Bier
  26. Grant Refugee Status to Family-?Sponsored Immigrants Who Are Refugees - David J. Bier
  27. Create a Private Refugee Sponsorship Program - David J. Bier

  28. Broadly Applicable Reforms

  29. Permit Legal Counsel during Inspections and Visa Interviews - Kate Voigt
  30. Digitize USCIS Immigration Forms - Greg Siskind
  31. Enforce USCIS Policy against Broad Brush RFEs - Angelo Paparelli
  32. Prohibit Regulatory Actions on USCIS Forms - Angelo Paparelli
  33. Require Agencies to Apply the Rule of Lenity to All Actions - David J. Bier & Angelo Paparelli

David Bier concludes: "The Biden administration will have to work around the clock to reverse the hundreds of regulations and executive actions that restricted the freedom of legal immigrants and Americans. But while it is reversing these negative actions, the administration should also "build back better," consistent with the president's campaign promises. While the president should push Congress to improve the underlying immigration law, the president already has the authority to substantially improve the functioning of the current immigration system. These 30 deregulatory actions would lessen the costs of America's outdated immigration laws. The results would be greater freedom and prosperity for both immigrants and Americans who rely on them."

We urge all immigration advocates and folks in the Biden administration to read this article and git 'er done.

Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at

Article: Biden Took Eight Administrative Actions on Immigration. Here's What You Need to Know. by Katy Murdza for Immigration Impact

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