Comment: An Appeal to Pro Immigration Republicans

We are a non-partisan immigration law newspaper, and it is not our practice to endorse political candidates (we have done so only once before in our 20+ year publishing history). When we do endorse, we do so only on the narrow ground of the candidate's particularly notable position on immigration to the USA--regardless of their personalities and their other political positions.

We have credibility with people on both sides of the political aisle. We sincerely appreciated Dick Armey (a staunch conservative, nicknamed Mr. Gingrich's "Hammer" since Mr. Armey was Majority Leader in the House when Mr. Gingrich was Speaker). We lauded Mr. Armey since he opposed President George W Bush's first post-9/11 bill on the grounds that "Immigrants are not terrorists". We also did not hesitate to repeatedly excoriate Speaker Pelosi when she sold Dreamers down the river to pursue Obamacare. Immigration Daily has carried contributions by such Republican luminaries as Rupert Murdoch, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Newt Gingrich. We believe that given our record, we have some credibility with Republicans who think that immigration is good for America. (Our appeal to Republicans assumes that our Democratic readers will enthusiastically vote against Mr. Trump anyways.)

We say to Republicans who are pro-immigration that immigration is a Republican virtue. Being anti-immigrant is not only abhorrent to the founding principles of the Party of Lincoln, but is a suicidal practical policy in a nation founded as a nation of immigrants, and one that is becoming increasingly so demographically. Mr Trump with his anti-immigrant policies and practices has moved the Republican party ideologically and demographically away from its historical position towards a permanent minority party--here is your chance to reverse this perilous course. We respectfully suggest that Mr. Trump does not deserve your vote. We do not presume to tell you what you should do: you can (i) write in a worthy Republican as some Republican governors and Senators have done or (ii) not vote in the Presidential election or (iii) vote for Mr. Biden, --whichever is in accordance with your conscience. You should certainly not hesitate to vote for down-ballot Republicans, since almost all of them are good human beings. However, given the anti-immigration track record and proposals of Mr Trump, we cannot remain silent--it is our moral and professional duty to speak up.

To our Democratic, Republican and Independent readers, we say: We are proud to endorse Mr. Biden against Mr Trump for President of the United States of America

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