Comment: At the Movies in the Time of Cornavirus

We recently received an editorial comment - a wonderful suggestion for people who are stuck at home. Please see below.

The ImmigrationProf blog has collected upbeat and inspiring movies to watch as many Americans are subject to stay at home orders. The series is "At the Movies in the Time of Cornavirus."

Hoosiers (1986) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-the-time- of-coronavirus-hoosiers-1986. html

Blues Brothers (1980) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-teh-time- of-coronavirus-blues-brothers- 1980.html

Back to the Future (1985) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-the-time- of-coronavirus-back-to-the- future-1985.html

Breakfast Club (1985) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-teh-time- of-coronavirus-the-breakfast- club-1985.html

Top Gun (1985) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-the-time- of-coronavirus-top-gun-1986. html

Animal House (1978) https://lawprofessors. 03/at-the-movies-in-teh-time- of-the-coronavirus-animal- house-1978.html

- Kevin Johnson

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Focus: PERM For Beginners and Advanced Practitioners
Joel Stewart has done something remarkable in the new edition of THE PERM BOOK. He has taken the spaghetti of all the sources on PERM: legislations, rules, FAQs, cases etc. and reintegrated them into a simple and luminously logical progression of how to do PERM. In each of the chapters, he uses articles by notable practitioners and his own extensive commentary to provide deep insights on every aspect of PERM. If you are a seasoned PERM practitioner, you will appreciate the clarity of the organization seen in the table of contents below, and will discover many new insights in every chapter. For anyone relatively new to PERM, Joel Stewart serves as a trusted guide to your mastering the lay of the land of this complex area. This book belongs in the library shelf of every PERM practitioner.

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
What Do We Owe to Refugees? By David Owen Polity, 140 pp. Hardcover, ISBN: 1509539735, $42.32.

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