Comment: EB5 and Coronavirus
Note: The coronavirus outbreak and its impact on EB5 is a fast moving, developing, situation. Everything below is based on the best current information we have, but which is likely to change fast. 

Table of Contents:
1: EB5 Roadshows and Coronavirus
2: Statistics for Coronavirus
3: Statistics for Flu
4: To Fly or Not to Fly 

1. We have learnt that several EB5 roadshows have been cancelled in Korea, China and Brazil.

  • China: EB5 roadshows in China were cancelled after the US travel ban to China was put into effect. It is customary for EB5 roadshows to resume after the Chinese New Year, but this time they did not.
  • Korea: Due to the sharp flare-up of coronavirus in Korea after February 21, two EB5 roadshows in Korea during the week of February 24th were curtailed.
  • Brazil: An EB5 roadshow in Brazil was cancelled, at the time that there was not a single case of coronavirus within 2,000 miles of Sao Paolo.
  • Vietnam: Though Vietnam has had 16 cases so far, all 16 of them have recovered. There are no active coronavirus cases in Vietnam as of this writing.
Note: None of the EB5 roadshows mentioned above were organized by ILW.

2. For the last 7 days, the number of cases in the US have increased by 30% plus per day. Coronavirus clusters exist in the states of New York, Washington and California--all these are community clusters untraced to foreign travel directly or indirectly. It is possible that US coronavirus cases will number in the thousands by March-end.

Source: Wikipedia:

The Johns Hopkins website is the most widely used source of statistics to keep updated on worldwide developments on coronavirus, presented graphically: 
Please see the tabs for "Daily Cases" at bottom right and "Active Cases" at the bottom middle of the Johns Hopkins graphic. Note that the number of new infections per day for the last two weeks plus is smaller than the number of people getting cured each day. Currently, only Hubei province in China, Korea, Iran and Italy are large clusters. In a couple of weeks, China will likely stop being a large cluster and new countries may be added.

3. For a reference point, here are the statistics on Flu for the last century (Source Wikipedia:

The statistics on coronavirus are not definitive as yet, and likely wont be for several months, but the number of fatalities may not reach into the hundreds of thousands. Vaccines exist for some varieties of the flu, but no vaccines are expected for Coronavirus in 2020. However, anti-virals are being used today in many countries to mitigate coronavirus.

4. Some EB5 projects are cancelling travel; some EB5 projects are continuing to travel. Those who don't travel will not be able to get EB5 investments, and if the virus does not recede with the coming of Spring/Summer in the northern hemisphere, these projects may have to forego the EB5 component of their capital raises. EB5 competition will be less for those who choose to travel. This is a fast moving situation. We recommend following the guidelines of CDC at

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Focus: EB5 Investors in USA
Here are the advantages in seeking EB5 investors in USA:

  • SAVE TIME: Travel within the USA instead of overseas saves you time because of short couple of hours long domestic flights between US cities instead of long international flights.
  • LARGEST MARKET: Indians in the USA is the single largest EB5 market in the world expected to account for 25% of the world EB5 market in 2020.
  • TRAVEL DIFFICULTIES WITH VIRUS: With coronavirus and the resulting uncertainty of travel possibilities to many countries, it is prudent to get started with investors right here at home.

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