Comment: Madam Speaker, Erase the Black Mark

Speaker Pelosi pushed the Farm Workforce Modernization bill through the House in December. She chose Farm Workers as a priority over all other immigration matters. This is deja vu. In 2009-2010, when the Democrats held the Presidency, the Senate and the House, Speaker Pelosi chose to put the Dreamers on the backburner and pushed for Healthcare. No relief was provided to Dreamers when the Speaker had the opportunity to do so. This is a black mark on Speaker Pelosi's record. Speaker Pelosi should prioritize Dreamers over every other immigration benefit issue. If and when there is an opportunity during 2020 of adding an immigration provision to an appropriations bill, we suggest that Speaker Pelosi should insist on relief for Dreamers be included in such an appropriations measure. We hold Speaker Pelosi responsible for milking the pain of Dreamers while cynically providing them no relief even when she held all the cards. We have not forgotten this--and neither have the Dreamers. We urge Madam Speaker to erase this black mark on her legacy by prioritizing relief for Dreamers.

We understand that standalone bills can originate in either the Senate or the House, and if the Republican Senate sends the House a bill with an immigration benefit, we do think that Ms. Pelosi should take it regardless of whether it has Dream in it or not. So we are NOT saying that it is Dream or nothing for all bills. In a divided Congress like we have now, the Republican Senate may send the House a standalone bill with H2A or H2B benefits, and we are not holding the Speaker responsible for actions by the other Chamber of Congress where she has no say, i.e. the Senate. All we are saying that if an Appropriations Bill (that can only originate in the House, and one that Ms. Pelosi has full responsibility for) has a major immigration benefit, it ought to be Dream.

Speaker Pelosi has already stabbed the Dreamers in the back by refusing to give them immigration benefits when she held all the cards in 2009-2010. If she repeats that in this Congress by prioritizing any immigration benefit over Dreamers in an appropriations bill over which she has full control, that would be adding insult to injury. Speaker Pelosi has taken the Dreamers for granted, exploited them to the hilt for political advantage, while cynically holding off on giving them immigration benefits she keeps promising so she can continue to exploit them. Even though the Dreamers may not be able to political damage to Speaker Pelosi in this election or the next in her lifetime, the Dreamers will surely spit on her grave, her memory and her legacy. Her treatment of Dreamers is a black mark on her record and legacy--Madam Speaker, Erase the black mark.

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News: Updated Guidance on Temporary or Seasonal Need for H-2A Petitions Seeking Workers for Range Sheep and/or Goat Herding or Production

Focus: EB5 Agent Prices

We now have additional information about the EB5 market that we would like to share with you. Korean agents have backed down from their earlier demand of $90K per investor. Agents in Vietnam, China and Taiwan are also backing down on their previous demands of increased commissions. Why is that? Across the world there is a reduced demand for EB5 at the $900K level. However, while the number of potential investors at $900K have shrunk, the number of projects which satisfy the new TEA requirements has shrunk even more dramatically than the number of potential investors. In other words, supply of securities is down more than the demand.

The number of projects with TEAs that clearly match the new TEA requirement is very small. If you are one of the projects that have documents ready and meet the TEA requirements, you are in a great position for getting favorable terms. This is a fleeting moment while new projects come online. The market will be crowded by Summer and very crowded by Fall. Currently, the supply demand imbalance is working in your favor, but by summer the supply demand imbalance will start working against you. We expect a serious escalation of agent commissions in Summer and extreme escalation in Fall.

The moral of the story is that if you have your documents ready and your TEA clearly meets the new TEA definition, you owe it to yourself to make hay while the sun is shining.

ILW estimates the 2020 EB5 market to be more than $1 billion. If you are raising EB5 capital in 2020, we have identified a very small number of specific opportunities in the new EB5 market. Contact us for a conversation on what we can do for you in this brave new EB5 world by emailing us at, calling us at 212-545-0818 or online.

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