Comment: Market-based Visas Meet Political Needs

In the December 31st issue Immigration Daily we carried the article How market-based visas meet political needs by Steve Kopitz of Princeton Policy Advisors which advocates for a market-based approach to solve undocumented immigration across the US southwest border.

The article identifies the various axes along which we can measure the impact of undomented immigration on America. Then it identifies where various political stakeholders such as conservatives, liberals, moderates, libertarians, businesses, and hispanics stand on each of these axis. Having laid out this matrix, the article proposes a solution "Market-based visas" which is a compromise "2nd Best Solution" for all the stakeholders. See the solution summarized below:

"Market-based Visas

Market-based visas are predicated on the assumption that employers are entitled to hire employees; that we will never deport undocumented immigrants in material numbers; and that conservatives are entitled to limit guest workers to the lowest number which ends the black market in Hispanic labor.

As the chart below shows, MBVs achieve conservative goals with the exception of mass deportation and with the requirement to increase the migrant headcount by 500,000 to allow for the demand effects of legalization. Businesses have to accept that they will have to provide pay and working conditions at levels comparable to those for unskilled US labor -- but employers can access more workers faster as compensation. Democrats and Hispanics receive legal status for seven million undocumented Hispanics and on demand access for migrant labor, subject to visas numbers set to conservative preferences and the resulting market price for a visa. Everyone has to make a concession, but these are the necessary steps associated with lifting a prohibition. After a one-time adjustment is absorbed, the system should work reasonably well for most stakeholders.


Thus, MBVs can meet the requirements of all the major stakeholder groups with one material concession from each."

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