Comment: Three Kinds of E2

We sent out a request for information regarding E2s last week, and received a number of responses. We learnt that there are three kinds of E2s.

  1. 80% of the E2s are done for small businesses owned by principal investors. The investment amounts range from $100K to $200K with 2 to 3 employees.
  2. Almost all of the remaining 20% are franchises. This category of E2 is well defined and a number of immigration attorneys and business plan writers have extensive experience with franchise based E2s.
  3. There have been a dozen unsuccessful attempts to do scalable E2s where resources of many investors are pooled conjointly to execute different parts of the project under professional management.

Over 99% of immigration attorneys have not heard of this kind of scalable E2s. However, the EB5 industry is making a determined effort on this kind of E2s, and we believe that more than half a dozen scalable E2 projects are in the pipeline. We are keen to hear about this third kind of E2 deals. If you are doing or planning to do this kind of E2, please get in touch with us (we would like to know only the general parameters, kind of industry, size of the venture etc).

Please let us know your thoughts by writing to

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Focus: Don't Fly Overseas

EB5 investments can be secured in the USA instead of flying overseas to get EB5 investors.

You don't need to fly to other countries because:

USA H1B to EB5 Overseas EB5
Cost Travel cost is cheaper Travel cost is higher
Time Less time away from office More time consuming
Market Size Bigger than any overseas EB5 country (China, India, Korea, Vietnam, etc) Every overseas country is relatively smaller than USA EB5
Where & When
Date City
February 22 Seattle
February 29 Raleigh
March 7 Atlanta
March 14 Austin
March 21 San Jose
April 4 Dallas

Contact us for a conversation on what we can do for you in this brave new EB5 world by emailing us at , calling us at 212-545-0818 or online.

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