Comment: Rural Projects and Redeployment

With the large number of Chinese EB5 investors waiting in 15+ year retrogression lines, there is a necessity of redeployment of their EB5 capital. USCIS has not yet provided any guidance on the redeployment of EB5 capital. If USCIS provides guidance applying the same standards for redeployment as the currently existing TEA standards, it would mean a massive influx of redeployed EB5 capital to rural projects--which would dwarf any new EB5 investment rural projects can get. We urge rural projects to grasp the sheer magnitude of this opportunity--hundreds of millions of dollars are being redeployed each month--with the redeployed EB5 money alone (without any new EB5 investments) all the rural projects currently in the market, and all the rural projects currently contemplated will be full funded, and awash in money. Rural projects should reach out to their Congressional representatives as well as USCIS to make good use of the new TEA guidelines for the benefit of job creation in rural areas.

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News: USCIS Adjusts Process for Managing EB-5 Visa Petition Inventory

Focus: PERM For Beginners and Advanced Practitioners
Joel Stewart has done something remarkable in the new edition of THE PERM BOOK. He has taken the spaghetti of all the sources on PERM: legislations, rules, FAQs, cases etc. and reintegrated them into a simple and luminously logical progression of how to do PERM. In each of the chapters, he uses articles by notable practitioners and his own extensive commentary to provide deep insights on every aspect of PERM. If you are a seasoned PERM practitioner, you will appreciate the clarity of the organization seen in the table of contents below, and will discover many new insights in every chapter. For anyone relatively new to PERM, Joel Stewart serves as a trusted guide to your mastering the lay of the land of this complex area. This book belongs in the library shelf of every PERM practitioner.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Mona Shah & Associates Global (MSA Global) has a large and diverse client base representing individual, institutional, and corporate clients around the globe. We use our expertise in assisting not only individual investors with submission of their immigration cases, but also in structuring, configuring and preparing EB-5 and other business immigration investment projects involving multi-million-dollar raises. In aggregate, MSA Global has assisted in raises of over a billion dollars. The work here at MSA Global is often challenging, high-quality, creative and requires someone with business acumen that can quickly adapt to this complex, nuanced, and constantly changing area of law, combining practice in immigration, securities and corporate law. POSITION INFORMATION: Full Time. DUTIES: You will perform the following duties: 1. Prepare immigrant and non-immigrant applications, with a focus on EB-5; 2. Draft corporate agreements; 3. Initial consultations with clients to obtain relevant case information; 4. Analyze case issues and plan case strategy accordingly; 5. Prepare appropriate forms regarding client matters before the Departments of Homeland Security, State, Justice, and Labor; 6. Correspond with clients, court personnel, attorneys, and other interested parties; 7. Consult and discuss case status with senior attorneys. QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: 1. Relevant work experience a must 2. EB-5 or corporate experience a plus 3. Law degree 4. Member of State Bar (not essential) About Mona Shah & Associates Global / MSA Global MSA Global is a global business immigration firm headquartered in Manhattan, NYC with a Branch office in the UK. As one of the first business immigration firms with a focus on EB-5 (the Immigrant Investor Visa Program), MSA Global is considered an Industry specialist and highly regarded in the EB-5 field. Contact us via e-mail at or via phone at (212) 233-7473.

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