Comment: USCIS vs Rural Jobs

Given significant retrogression in China, Vietnam and India, a policy memorandum from the EB5 unit of USCIS setting guidelines for redeployment of funds is sorely needed (See: USCIS Guidance Needed ). The simple solution is to apply the same standards at redeployment time that are then current for new EB5 investments - this will ensure that USCIS policy can be (i) current (ii) consistent and (iii) responsive to policy considerations. What this would mean today is that redeployment of EB5 funds from November 21 onward be per TEA definitions in the new EB5 regulation.

This would mean that redeployed EB5 funds will need to be invested in rural or high unemployment urban areas, which would result in over a 100,000+ jobs in rural areas over the next few years--without a single new EB5 investment taking place. Within 30 days of such guidance, all rural projects currently in the market will be fully funded by the big-city projects, creating thousands of rural jobs especially in predominantly rural states effective immediately.

Clearly, President Trump's re-election prospects depend on winning rural votes overwhelmingly, and the simplest way to achieve that is to create rural jobs. Issuing a policy memorandum creating thousands of rural jobs with a mere stroke of the pen is the easiest way to accomplish it. This political calculation seems so clear and obvious. We are puzzled why USCIS has not already issued guidance on redeployment setting the new TEA definitions as the standard for redeployment. Perhaps the EB5 unit of USCIS is not yet with the President's program.

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Focus: PERM For Beginners and Advanced Practitioners
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Migration and Integration: The Case for Liberalism with Borders By Tom Farer Cambridge University Press, 272 pp. Hardcover, ISBN: 1108485715, $84.99. For more information, Click Here.

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