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Article: Opposition Mounts to Trump’s Effort to Delay Work Permits for People Seeking Asylum By Emma Winger

Blogging: Three Latin words might not be enough to impeach Trump. (Five Greek words could save him.) Democrats must focus on his anti-immigrant abuses of power By Roger Algase

Blogging: Three Latin words might not be enough to impeach Trump. (Five Greek words could save him.) Democrats must focus on his anti-immigrant abuses of power By Roger Algase

News: USCIS Proposes to Adjust Fees to Meet Operational Needs

Focus: Email Campaign to EB5 List

Late-deciding Indian Investors

Some with SOF almost completed

The Audience

  • We have conducted 70+ H1B to EB5 events in the US in 2018 & 2019 and have a contact list in the low-five-figures of H1B visa holders interested in EB5, this is a dynamic list to which we add new email addresses each week
  • We will send your email campaign to a randomly selected group of 5,000 email addresses
  • 98% of the people are in the contiguous 48 states in the US, 90% are Indian (with the rest Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc.)
  • We do not offer list of attendees--only the exhibitors at the event receive attendee lists, the above list is of no-shows only

The Email Campaign

  • Your email will be sent out to 5,000 H1Bs interested in EB5.
  • The email will use your creative including images; and will contain your contact information, including your phone number, your email address, and link(s) to your website. We will send you a test email for approval before sending the broadcast out.
  • The "from" email address will be your email address so you will receive the replies directly from the recipients.
  • One week after the email, we will send you basic statistics such as open rates, click rates etc.

Rent vs. Buy

  • An email list is “burnt” by excessive use—and it is in our interest, and also in our clients’, interest that the list does not get burnt.
  • Therefore, we are not selling our email list itself as then anyone can sell it to multiple parties. The recipients will receive numerous emails thus destroying the value of the list for everyone who uses it. Rather, we are renting the list to about half a dozen clients and timing the emails sent out such that it does not “burn” the list and thus ensuring that our clients get the best results from the email list.
Contact Us

Email:, Call: +1 212-545-0818, or Click Here

Headline: Top immigration officials defend Trump's remain in Mexico plan Click here
Headline: Immigrants — and DACA — make America great. And I urge the Supreme Court to agree. Click here
Headline: CBP Chief Asked If People Other Than White Males Should Be Running Immigration Policy Click here
Headline: The number of migrants apprehended at the southern border has plummeted 75% since May Click here
Headline: U.S. seeks to hike fees for immigration applications and impose first-ever asylum charge Click here

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