Comment: Trump’s Border Wall, Visa Bulletin

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Article: What Is Happening with Trump’s Border Wall? Here’s Everything You Need to Know So Far By Jorge Loweree

Blogging: Aurora Contract Detention Facility Update By Matthew Kolken

Blogging: November 2019 Visa Bulletin: Analysis And Predictions By Chris Musillo

Blogging: Trump's fascist Wall of hatred threatens larger government shutdown than before. Why isn't Congress investigating Trump's immigration racism for impeachment? By Roger Algase

Focus: One Last Fling in India

Only 5 weeks Left

One Last Blast in India due to Customer Requests

Only TWO Seats Available

Northern India
Friday, November 1st &
Saturday, November 2nd
Sunday, November 3rd &
Monday, November 4th
Tuesday, November 5th &
Wednesday, November 6th
Thursday, November 7th &
Friday, November 8th
Our mini-expos allow for intimate one-on-one interaction with potential investors. Clients can make their presentations to one-on-one or to a small group of investors, so that questions from the investors can be answered as they arise.
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The expo programs are designed to be a deeply immersive experience for clients and investors. Clients can spend as much time as they wish with the best leads as ILW manages the flow of attendees from table to table, making sure that clients meet everyone. The best leads stayed more than 6.5 hours interacting with projects and attorneys.
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Our "Speed-dating" format allows clients to have in depth conversations with each and every lead.
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About India Expos:

  • India is the #1 EB5 Country, larger than the rest of the world combined, including China.
  • India is currently the world's fastest growing major economy, it is growing faster than China, the number of new millionaires created each year in India is more than China.
  • We will quickly put you in front of investors and agents to present your project to. Our expos will flood you with many prospects in a short time.

India Expos Format:

  • Expo featuring seminar and exhibition; Mini meetings with investors and agents.
  • Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.
  • Special Note for Attorneys: The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by the issuer exhibiting at the custom expo. (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).
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Headline: Supreme Court to consider rights of asylum seekers to challenge expedited removal orders Click here
Headline: Cuban Man Dies in US Immigration Custody Click here
Headline: Justices to Finally Resolve Immigration Circuit Split Click here
Headline: Trump Administration Prosecutes Record-Breaking Number Of Immigration-Related Crimes Click here
Headline: ICE deports convicted terrorist to Sudan Click here

Letters of the Week: Nolan Rappaport

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
Global Terrorism: Threats to the Homeland, Part II 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, October 30, 2019, House Committee on Homeland Security, 310 Cannon House Building, Washington, DC 20510. For more info see:

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