Comment: EB5 Market Update - October

EB5 Market Today – Supply Running Out
  • Projects: We are learning that many projects that made a commitment to the Indian market early have completed or are close to completing their raises. (This is not the case with China-centric projects which have struggled to adjust to the more demanding investors.) The demand in India is very strong, and as project after project that the Indian investors were considering complete their raises, there is likely to be a panic as the investors rush to get into some or any project before the deadline, creating an opportunity for projects that are not fully subscribed yet.
  • Investors: Indian investors do not grasp that the bottleneck for EB5 applications is their Source of Funds. Most of those who are planning to do EB5 before the deadline are currently wasting their time trying to select their project—which is likely to turn out to be an utter waste of the precious little time they have left. Preparation of Source of Funds is time consuming and can require digging up or acquiring 10, 20 or 30-year old documents which can take weeks in India. By the time investors are ready with their source of funds in a few weeks, their first choice of project and probably their first three choices are likely to be fully subscribed, and they will have to start the process of project selection all over again.
  • Immigration Attorneys: It is immigration attorneys who will face the maximum pressure starting November 1st. The clients, having paid significant fees, will feel entitled to have their application submitted in 48 hours after they have their money lined up, little realizing that a lot of the work of source of funds needs to be done by investors themselves—not just the immigration attorney. As a result of the hurried or skeletal source of funds done to meet the deadline, we expect the denial rates to be sky high in the 30% to 35% range. We recommend that immigration attorneys receiving this email to forward it to their clients—to get them to move now and fast on their source of funds—which is both in their interest and their immigration attorney’s interest.

EB5 Market Beyond November 21 – a Whole New World
  • It has become clear that there will be a post-November 21st EB5 market, we have received reports from multiple countries that $900k is not serving as an impediment to the well-heeled. While the shape of the post-new-rule market is not clear, a new market will exist.
  • Many urban EB5 projects contend that they will remain in TEAs under the new rule after November 21st, we are not so sure. The reason has to do with uncertainty – absent more guidance from USCIS, there will remain an inherent TEA uncertainty with urban projects seeking $900k investments as compared to projects entirely outside MSAs which will offer TEA certainty, casting doubt on the efficacy of urban projects’ raises until USCIS clarifies the situation (since all exemplars and all current TEA designations will have expired on November 21st). Urban EB5 projects would be well advised to complete their raises in toto prior to November 21st, and to plan no further raises until late 2020 or beyond. For rural EB5 projects, their day in the sun is about to arrive.
  • The top 10 EB5 countries will look quite different post November 21 st, since long lines will likely have developed for 6 of the current top 10 countries: China, Vietnam, India, Brazil, Korea and Taiwan – these may all face retrogression, particularly severe in the case of China (20+ years). The law of immigration gravity appears about to hit the EB5 industry, hard.

Legislative Update – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That
  • The annual saga of Congress’s most important task, that of Appropriations, continues. A continuing resolution was passed by both the chambers of legislature and signed by President Trump extending current programs and funding levels through November 21st. and the RC program has been extended co-terminously with the CR through November 21st.
  • Unfortunately, even when Congress eventually finds consensus on all non-DHS components of the Appropriations effort, DHS Appropriations will likely be the final bill negotiated. Hence, while the rest of the government will likely be funded by Thanksgiving/Christmas, it is entirely possible that DHS will have to wait for a final budget until early 2020. RC program extension is included in DHS appropriations, and we will once again likely be witness to short 2-month extensions of the RC program until the Wall, Dreamers, and other contentious issues are dealt with.
  • Given that impeachment has sucked up all the political oxygen in Washington, and the already contentious climate has been ratcheted up a few more notches, it is now even harder to get legislation through Congress which is acceptable to the White House. Given this climate, the chances of legislative action modifying the EB5 RC program—which is very low in priority for both the parties, both chambers, and the White House-- are small.
  • The EB5 industry harbors a nostalgia for the good old days of China, and thus is always on the lookout for relief from retrogression, the following is a quick note on country quotas. HR1044 cleared the House by an impressive bipartisan majority. However, during this hyper-partisan Congress with each Chamber controlled by a different Party, the Senate has proven to be a graveyard for all House bills except for renaming post offices and for Appropriations to keep government running. S386, the companion bill to HR1044, faces holds and stalling maneuvers from multiple Senators including the Democratic Whip Senator Durbin—the second highest ranking Senate Democrat, and confronts the same fate as any other immigration legislation, which is to say no Senate vote is likely. Quota relief is not a realistic prospect in this Congress.

Kudos from Returning Client – “Improved Beyond Recognition”
  • Feedback from a returning client on our recent expos: “ILW events in India have improved beyond recognition. Yesterday I was completely blown-away by the quality of the leads ILW generated. The only word that comes to mind is “Congratulations!” We have been meeting clients we met at your event again today.”
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