Comment: EB5 Legislative Update -Mid September

Will Trump do something?

· The EB5 industry is rife with rumors that the Trump administration will ride to the rescue by stopping the new regulation going into effect on November 21st. The arguments offered in support of this hope are: (i) Mr. Trump understands real estate; (ii) NYC developers have Mr. Trump’s ear; (iii) the Trump administration has aggressively used executive orders.

· Under the Administrative Procedure Act, a Final Rule’s effective date can be stopped or postponed by amending the Final Rule using the APA’s regular amendment process. However, such an amendment would be (a) time-consuming, (b) unlikely to aid the USCIS’s EB5 mission, (c) would open other aspects of the new regulation to court challenge, and (d) is contrary to White House directives to USCIS to accelerate regulatory change. Due to the aforementioned reasons, an APA action on the effective date is quite unlikely.

· An executive order from the White House to postpone the effective date of the EB5 regulation would run afoul of the APA. In other words, President Trump will not do something on the new EB5 rule because he cannot do anything under the law to stop the rule at this stage.

· Conclusion: the new regulation will go into effect on November 21 st; we urge everyone in the EB5 industry to prepare accordingly.

Repealing the regulation

· Sen. Paul (R-KY) is urging the use of the Congressional Review Act to annul the new EB5 rule. Consequently, many in the EB5 industry are hopeful that Congress can stop the rule from going into effect on November 21 st.

· Since the enactment of the CRA in 1996, many attempts to use the CRA have been made by Congress, with only 3 successes: (a) the most notable success was by the previous Republican Congress to overturn 14 Obama-era regulations and (b) two other CRA actions by Congress in the last 23 years. During these 23 years, the percentage of regulations overturned by Congress has been less than 0.02%. Sen. Paul’s CRA attempt here is of a piece with his reputation for Quixotic missions, he has a long record of failure therewith in the Senate.

· Moreover, Immigration Daily has learnt that a discussion took place shortly after the announcement of the new EB5 rule on possible CRA action at the office of an urban-friendly EB5 Senator with considerable influence in the Senate; the conclusion of the discussion was that CRA action was not viable.

· Conclusion: the new regulation will not be overturned by Congress using the CRA, we urge everyone in the industry to prepare for the new regulation going into effect on November 21st.

Congressional rescue

· A significant effort by the EB5 industry is under way for long term legislative relief. Industry consensus is said to have been achieved on principles, if not actual legislative text. However, relief may not materialize for the following reasons.

· The leading argument offered by proponents of legislative relief is that NYC developers have deep pockets, significant profits from EB5, and that “money talks”. Given the serious divisions among Democrats and Republicans on immigration, reflecting the deep divide among the American public on immigration, the money brought to the table by NYC developers is too little. It would take considerably more money to move Congress on immigration, and even then, it would be a long-term, multi-year endeavor. Immigration Daily welcomes such an effort by the EB5 industry – we simply caution that a “quick fix” in this Congress is very unlikely.

· Rural EB5 gets a muscular boost on November 21st. All agreements made by rural interests prior to the publication of the new regulation are likely to be viewed in a new light once serious give and take on actual text commences in Congress, a probable scenario is a free for all with urban EB5 and rural EB5 interests at loggerheads, with the result being the status quo, i.e. the new regulation remaining the law of the land post November 21st.

· Conclusion: Congressional rescue is improbable, accordingly, we urge the EB5 industry to prepare for the new rule to go into effect on November 21 st.


· There seems to be little factual basis for the hope that USCIS’s new EB5 rule will not go into effect on November 21st.

· Given that a veritable gold rush is currently under way among investors seeking to get in under the deadline, we encourage all projects currently in the market to make the most of this opportunity. ILW is conducting many events in the next few weeks, these may be the last EB5 events we conduct before November 21st, we urge projects to consider participating, please see the information below.

H1B to EB5 Expos in the US & India Expos

September Events Still Available!

In August, we successfully completed 12 H1B to EB5 expos across the U.S. and 16 expos in India as follows:

August Events


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In September, we will be conducting 12 more H1B to EB5 expos across the U.S. and 16 expos in India as follows:



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About H1B to EB5 Expos:

In the last 19 months, ILW has conducted 70+ H1B to EB5 expos in 17 cities across U.S.,
2480+ attendees, 90% are Indian H1Bs.

H1B to EB5 Expos Format:

· Half Day Event for Indian H-1Bs considering EB-5 Option (Speaking Opportunity included). Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.

· Special Note for Attorneys: This event will feature two immigration attorney panels solely on immigration law matters. The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by an issuer who is exhibiting at the event (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).

About India Expos:

· India is the #1 EB5 Country, larger than the rest of the world combined, including China.

· India is currently the world's fastest growing major economy, it is growing faster than China, the number of new millionaires created each year in India is more than China.

We will quickly put you in front of investors and agents to present your project to. Our expos will flood you with many prospects in a short time.

India Expos Format:

· Expo featuring seminar and exhibition; Mini meetings with investors and agents.

· Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.

· Special Note for Attorneys: The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by the issuer exhibiting at the custom expo. (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).

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