Comment: Agony and Necessity of Immigration
George Friedman of Geopolitical Futures paints a rich portrait of immigration to the US in the short article "The Real Issue Behind the Border Wall Debate". While showing the critical necessity of immigration for the health and growth of America, the article points out the agony of the experience both for immigrants and citizens closely impacted by immigration. The article explains why immigration is just as crucial today as it was when the Scotch, the Catholic Irish, the Italian and the Germans first arrived on these shores, and it also explains why the agony of immigrant experience today for both immigrants and the communities with which they most closely integrate remains similar to the earlier waves of immigration. By showing the agony of immigration (which many pro-immigration viewpoints gloss over) and the necessity of immigration (which many anti-immigration viewpoints evade), perhaps this article will foster a little mutual understanding between the two sides.

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