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Will you be attending AILA's 2018 Annual Conference in San Francisco? Now's the perfect time to consider placing a help wanted ad in Immigration Daily. Place your ad now in days leading up to and during the AILA conference so that you will have the opportunity to possibly meet face to face with prospective candidates and/or employers in San Francisco. If you are interested in hiring or if you are looking for a job opportunity, place an ad with us - either a help wanted or a position sought - and follow-up in San Francisco. To place your ad or for more information, see here (link to

Article: Holding Anti-gang Beliefs Is A Political Opinion, Leading To Asylum, Rules Immigration Judge By David L. Cleveland

Article: Specialty Occupation RFE: Know the Job Inside and Out By Sheila Danzig

Article: Matter of Y-M-C- States Limit on Service Ability to Automatically Deny I-212 Because of Another Possible Ground of Inadmissibility By Alan Lee, Esq.

Blogging: Attorney as Counselor; Attorney as Cheerleader By Jason Dzubow

Blogging: Trump's Inhuman Tearing Immigrant Children Away From Their Mothers Recalls Separation of Jewish Children Under the Nazis By Roger Algase

Focus: PERM Illuminated - Hot Off the Presses
Joel Stewart has done something remarkable in the new edition of THE PERM BOOK 2017-18 Edition. He has taken the spaghetti of all the sources on PERM: legislations, rules, FAQs, cases etc. and reintegrated them into a simple and luminously logical progression of how to do PERM. In each of the chapters, he uses articles by notable practitioners and his own extensive commentary to provide deep insights on every aspect of PERM. If you are a seasoned PERM practitioner, you will appreciate the clarity of the organization seen in the table of contents below, and will discover many new insights in every chapter. For anyone relatively new to PERM, Joel Stewart serves as a trusted guide to your mastering the lay of the land of this complex area. This book belongs in the library shelf of every PERM practitioner. Get your copy now, here:

Book includes: Chapter 1: All About the Law, Chapter 2: Parties to PERM, Chapter 3: Legal Requirements, Chapter 4: Anomalies: Special Handling or Processing, Chapter 5: Educational Degrees as Requirements, Chapter 6: Job Offers, Chapter 7: Prevailing Wage Requests, Chapter 8: All About Recruitment, Chapter 9: Consideration of Job Applicants, Chapter 10: All About Filin, Chapter 11: Post Filing Issues, Chapter 12: Approvals: Expiration, Validity, Portability & Duplicates, Chapter 13: Denials, Chapter 14: Request for Reconsideration, Chapter 15: Introduction to BALCA, Chapter 16: How to Request Review at BALCA, Chapter 17: Consideration by BALC, Chapter 18: BALCA Can Remand, Chapter 19: Disciplinary Measures, Chapter 20: DOL Organization and Updates, Acknowledgements, The PERM Book Online Library.

Get your copy of THE PERM BOOK 2017-2018 edition Now, Here:

For additional information, including author biographies and purchase information, please see:
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Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal
Paralegals: Renowned boutique Washington, DC Immigration law firm in the Dupont Circle area seeks experienced paralegals. Ideal candidates will have 3-5 years of experience in business/family immigration law with an emphasis on AOS, H1B, L1 and PERM filings. Interesting work and clientele; no timesheets; latest technology; competitive salary and benefits (health insurance, paid vacation, etc). Bachelors degree required. Successful applicants will have broad knowledge of immigration law and procedures; be detail-oriented; able to handle volume; highly organized and strong communicators. Please email resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: jobs@immigrationgroup.comNo calls please. EOE.

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